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If the Ford F Raptor were a geographical feature, it would have the honorific Grand before its name. Like the Grand Canyon or the Grand Teton, the Raptor is a national treasure that deserves to be billed as something substantially more significant, more consequential, more, well, grand than a mere truck.

The Raptor's significance lies in how it inverts the traditional notion of the pickup, turning it from a utility vehicle into a plaything. True, trucks have been more than beasts of burden for years, growing quieter and more comfortable as they transformed into family vehicles.

Hennessey VelociRaptor V8

But the Raptor is a jumper and a dune runner that can also haul and tow and do just about everything else trucks do. Grand it is, as we discovered during the 14 months and 40, miles it was in our care.

Almost everyone needs a truck a few times a year. Some people even buy them for those few occasions, then tolerate their size and fuel economy for the sake of image. But the Raptor makes a strong case for ignoring its even greater size 6. Try that in any other three-ton vehicle without wings. Its purposeful looks, which show off Fox remote-reservoir dampers under huge fenders, don't hurt, either. That it does all this without any hint of brodozer foolishness further increases its appeal.

Though its payload and tow ratings are compromised relative to a conventional F's, there's enough functional pickup here to suit most needs. Our Raptor's pound tow rating is pounds lower than that of the equivalent F 4x4 SuperCrew equipped with the hp EcoBoost 3. The Raptor's pound payload capacity is also pounds lower than that truck's.

Its soft, long-travel suspension sags under the tongue weight imposed by a pound car trailer. When we towed with a bed full of spare parts and tools, its nose pointed skyward and the steering went light and loose in a way a normal F's wouldn't.

Nose-in-the-air stance aside, the truck capably yanks around two and a half tons of weekend fun thanks to the EcoBoost's pound-feet of torque and the speed automatic's towing calibration. And if you're not towing all the time, maybe looking at the clouds when you do isn't a deal breaker. Standard equipment includes the hp twin-turbocharged 3. It probably won't shock you to learn that we warmed quickly to the Raptor's torque. But we also came to appreciate the truck's finer points.

So reads the logbook: "No one does initial throttle response on a boosted engine better than Ford. Toe in just a millimeter or two and the 3. The speed transmission's merits were less obvious. It faded into the background during freeway cruising and skipped multiple gears at a time during downshifts, but it inelegantly slammed home aggressive second- and third-gear shifts during around-town driving.

It's not the smooth, responsive master of cog swapping that ZF's eight-speed is in a Ram. And many of us gave up using its paddle shifters in any situation short of our most aggressive driving.Rated 5.

Dodge Level 2 48RE 3. Level 3 48RE 3. Level 4 48RE 4. Level 5 48RE 2. Level 2 68RFE 3. Level 3 68RFE 7. Level 3 45RFE 8. Level 3 2. AS68RC Ford AOD Level 2 AOD 7.

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Level 3 AOD 8. Level 4 AOD 9. Level 1 AOD 3. Level 3 6R80 1. Level 3 5RW 3. Level 4 5RW 5.

A4LD Level 3 A4LD 3. C-6 Level 2 C6 2. Level 3 C6 6. Level 4 C6 5. Foreign Transmission Parts GM There are few things more American than a gigantic Ford F dually pickup truck. Except maybe if that truck was tuned by Shelby American, and it was doing a burnout, and it was towing a horsepower Super Snake Mustang on a trailer, and that Super Snake was also doing a burnout. Yeah, that would do it. In keeping with these truck-crazed times, Shelby American will be unveiling an upgraded version of the Ford F and F Super Duty pickups in the coming months.

We don't have all the details yet on what will be known as the Shelby Diesel, but we do know that it will put out 1, pound-feet of torque—and as demonstrated at a sneak peak earlier in Las Vegas earlier this month, it will be more than capable of smoking all four rear tires. God bless America, and trailer burnouts. Of course, the 6. In addition to the engine tune, the Shelby also gains a bunch of cosmetic goodies like heavy duty bumpers, a custom hood, Shelby badging, Borla exhaust tips, and a redone interior.

Despite the awesome double burnout, the Shelby does seem like more of an appearance package than some of the treatments that Shelby American has given to Ford's other performance products. A lot of scratch for the Shelby name, no doubt. Then again, buyers probably won't mind.

Shelby executives have said that the concept came about in response to customer demands, so the company should have no problem selling out its planned production of units per year. By Kyle Cheromcha March 27, Dummy button needed to preload aspxbutton JS codes.

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Home Home Vehicles. Email Us Terms Of Service. Member Sign In Not a member? Sign Up. Ford Ranger 2. Ford Ranger Colors, Brochure, and Review. Fast financing.

Buy this car NOW! Have Questions? Contact Us. GLOBE: SMART: SUN: Send us an email message with your contact number and we'll call you back. Email Us. Other Customers Also Viewed. Ford Ranger Amortization Estimates. Only at the time of a loan application will you know the exact values of the down payment and monthly amortization amounts.

These amounts are subject to change without prior notice. Apply Now! Ford Ranger Features. The first ever Ford Ranger Raptor is no pretender. This is no option pack. It is uniquely designed, engineered and fully tested to conquer the world. It sets a new standard of performance. A cutting-edge Terrain Management System offers six pre-set driving modes to conquer virtually any terrain, at the turn of a dial. Inspired by the Baja Desert Race, the highly anticipated Baja Mode dials down traction, improves responsiveness and shifting speed, and optimises Ranger Raptor for high-speed desert running.

High-quality magnesium shifter paddles on the perforated leather steering wheel allow for fast shifting without taking your hands off the wheel.

Ford Ranger Financing Details. Web Design by Alcantara-Designs. PhpPhpPhp 63,One after another, the manufacturers were releasing their incredible s that were so much better than the sport quads we rode before. They were fast, handled well and had great suspension. ATV riders felt fortunate that these kind of quads were finally available and eagerly grabbed them off dealer showroom floors.

The quads were engineered to take full-throttle abuse all day long, which meant you could easily hang on to your for several years or longer before thinking of replacing it with another one. Life was grand for ATV manufacturers and their performance quads— until aroundwhen the economy started to tank.

In the new penny pinching environment, sport and performance quad sales began to slow down. New and improved 4x4s continued to be offered, as well as additional UTVs for that new potential of sales revenue. So, this has left the manufacturers wondering what can be done to boost the interest and sales of sport quads again. In fact, they can actually claim to have invented this category nearly 20 years ago with their Wolverine The question is if it will retain the chain drive to the rear or have a shaft system there as well.

From a sport-riding point of view, straight axles provide flatter cornering, but limit ground clearance for ruts and mud. For 30 years, race car drivers have been able to do this from the cockpit. This would certainly be something new that other sport 4x4s have never offered before. Will it be an automatic CVT style, or have a manual six-speed gearbox? This would eliminate the possibility of stalling the engine during slow rock-crawling situations.

In fact, it could be a selling point for it to look just like the current Raptors. Things will be different in the foot peg area, though. Full-length floorboards with extra splash protection should be standard. It could come in at pounds under the weight of the Scrambler This would help make up the difference between the power of a single versus that of and twins.

Honda Talon X-4 vs.

Hennessey VelociRaptor V8

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Atv Raptor 1000 Motorcycles for sale

Sign in. Welcome, Login to your account. Login with Facebook Google Twitter Or. Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password.Make Yamaha. Model Raptor. Has speed governor. Well maintained and clean.

raptor 1000 turbo 4x4

Could use a new battery but runs great. MSRP excludes destination charges, optional accessories, applicable taxes, installation,Sale price includes all rebates and discounts. Make Karavan. With lots of financing options available for all types of credit we will do our best to get you riding.

Copy the link for access to financing. Financing and warranties available on most models for ease of purchase and peace of mind.

Model Raptor This thing is clean and well maintained. If you are looking for a nice atv that is great to ride on any terrain with gobs of torque and power look no more! Make Can-Am. Premium suspension, wheels, instrumentation, versatility and looks. And, of course, industry-leading performance.

raptor 1000 turbo 4x4

It s the most luxurious ATV available. Features such as 5-speed transmission and long-travel suspension make it a worthwhile leader.

Furthermore, the front axle is kept in check by an independent double-wishbone suspension with five-way preload-adjustable shocks. Minimum age requirements vary by state. Please verify minimum age requirements with the dealership.

It also has features surprising in this segment, like a fully automatic CVT transmission with reverse, gated shifter and electric start with a back-up kickstart - all standard. Reduced Maintenance Design Servicing is simple, too, thanks to features like the tool-less quick-access air filter element. Scaled Down, Not Scaled Back Compact A-arm front suspension is tuned for light, sporty steering and comfortable ride quality, with preload-adjustable shocks offering 5.

The rear swingarm also features a 5-way preload adjustable shock, offering 5. Comfortable Chassis An advanced frame design incorporates a large 1. Yamaha Raptor DNA For sporty looks and handling, Raptor 90 uses low-profile Duro tires on lightweight wheels and styling unmistakably inspired by the mighty Raptor R. ATVs are recommended only for use by those age 16 years and older. See your dealer or call ATVs can be hazardous to operate.

Serviced with warranty. Plus you get aggressive Raptor styling, class-exclusive five-speed manual transmission and low profile inch rear tires for outstanding traction and performance. Model Raptor R There will be more pictures available upon request. We also offer great financing terms for qualifying credit.Turbochargers are nothing new in the powersports business.

Drag racers and duners have been sticking them on their quads for decades. More recently, snowmobile and watercraft manufacturers are outfitting new models with them at the factory.

Here are the turbocharger and supercharger companies who have designed machine-specific kits that produce the most power your stock engine can handle without catastrophic failure. In these kits the proper springs in the wastegate control the amount of boost that can be forced into your engine. We talked to seven manufacturers to find out what products will work best for you.

With the change in ownership, MCX-USA is proud to announce they will continue to offer great products and customer service out of their Lake Havasu, Arizona based shop.

MCX also offers a few products for the Yamaha Raptor, such as a turbo kit and gauges. When adding a turbo, you need to let your engine have more fuel; MCX offers a new fuel controller to make sure your engine can get all the fuel it needs.

In we tested their nitrous-powered Polaris Predator at St. To contact Boondocker, give them a call at or visit www. Each of their kits includes all the needed parts and hardware for a complete install without the need of outsourcing parts from other companies. They only sell complete kits to prevent catastrophic engine damage from an improperly designed turbo kit. All turbos are built in-house at Aerocharger to ensure the best quality, and if any repairs are needed on your setup, you can send it back without having to go through another company to be repaired.

To contact Aerocharger, call or visit www. They also offer a complete line of custom parts, such as pistons, rods, cams, valves, and custom chain tensioners to prevent the chain from skipping with the added horsepower. Superchargers are belt-driven instead of from your exhaust pressure, like a turbo spinning the turbine for boost.

Their kit offers a 45—percent power gain at 6 psi. The ProCharger system can be easily installed with simple hand tools in 4—6 hours.

raptor 1000 turbo 4x4

This kit produces instant power, with no feeling of turbo lag and zero exhaust heat transfer. To contact ProCharger, give them a call at or visit www. This kit is capable of over whp, and features an upgraded fuel pump and boost reference return-style fuel system with dual injectors, allowing you to push the boost over 16 psi and can be ran on E85 fuel as an option. Team English Racing prefers that they do the install on your machine to prevent any malfunction; installation cost is included in the kit price.

You can contact Team English Racing at or visit www. Currently, they only offer turbo service for UTVs. They also offer complete engine rebuilding, repair of damaged cylinders, along with dyno tuning your machine for optimal power. Contact JSR Performance at or www.

raptor 1000 turbo 4x4

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